Taught Modules and Seminars

The following is a chronologically sorted list of modules I have taught after obtaining my PhD.

Principles of Computer Science

Principles of Computer Science (2016) is a lecture taught by myself at the Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) for both students and staff of the Department of  that want to get familiarized with Computer Science concepts.

Network Services Introduction

Network Services Introduction (2016) is a seminar that I have held at the Department of Computational Physics and Information Technologies. The seminar series are an introductory presentation to network services such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name Server(s) (DNS), etc...

Principles of Computer Science II

Principles of Computer Science II (2017) is a lecture held for students of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest. The module focuses mostly on optimizations and goes beyond the Principles of Computer Science II from 2016 by covering more advanced topics such as concurrency.

Modules Taught as Teaching Assistant at University of Birmingham

The general teaching resources is a complement to this section as it includes files available for download. This section however contains extra specific information for the modules I teach as a TA and might be of use to students. Normally, the same information can be found on the respective module website making this section a bit redundant yet it duplicates the information so it is made available to students on multiple websites.

If you are checking for information here, please also check original module's page since most of the information can be found there. Some of the information found on the original website might be ommited here for brevity and only certain specific things may be posted or duplicated here.

This section will be updated as long as the module's website will be.