Secure Programming

This page is dedicated to the Secure Programming module held by Hayo Thielecke for the MSc students. This page mirrors important data from the module's webpage and will be updated to synchronize. This page will be updated to help you with your Secure Programming project.

Example Vulnerable Code

Example vulnerable code will be listed here during the term and will be updated so please check this section often. Your tool MUST be able to dectect these sample vulnerabilities. So far we have:



Challenges are small pieces of vulnerable code which a group may produce in order to challenge the tools developed by other teams. In order to submit a challenge, your example code must first be flagged or detected by your tool as being vulnerable code since it is pointless to talk about a challenge when your own tool can't detect it. In case you have produced some example vulnerable code which is detected by your tool and you want to present it as a challenge to other groups, please submit the code to me directly via email and I will release them here as well as notifying the other groups of an ongoing challenge. This way, your tools will progress massively and benefit from input (under the form of challenges) from other groups. It also a way to assure some communication and teamwork between groups and the exercise won't resume to just a product of your own team oblivious of other tools being developed.


The SVN repositories are accesible at any time. They are located at:

Where X stands for the group number you are in. For example, if you are in group 1, then your repository is located at:

When prompted for a username and password, you may use your regular school username and password.


Group Allocation

You can find group allocations below. Please make sure you know which group you are in since you will be in that group till the end of the Secure Programming assignment. Near the start of the assignment, it might be that the information changes but you will be notified if this happens.


Group 1    
Group 2

Hanumara Phanish                    

Roberts Matthew Allen

Nwosu Martin Chukwuma

Solanki Rajdipsinh Dilipsinh

Prescott Warren

Hardy Callum Charles

Matthew Wilkinson

Yonbawi Saud Reda

Group 3
Group 4

Ionita Adrian Florentin

Mekprasarn Kittikan

Spring Christopher Derek

Chen Mingmin

Ding Yifei

Mohamed Isse Abdiwali

Welikala Amila Niranjan

Chen Tao

Alshamrani Hussain Hameed

Neophytos Constantinou

Group 5
Group 6

Ahmad Iftikhar

Arshad Mohammad

Hadjidemetriou Antigoni

Ogunnigbo Taiye

Akinfenwa Akintayo Oludamilola

Singh Gurchetan

Humayed Abdulmalik Abdullah

Hadjikyriakou Kyriacos

Yue Huang

Group 7
Group 8

Dang Xuan Truong

Danks Mark Richard

Alghamdi Deena Eiddah

Khadidos Alaa Omar

Orakzai Jehanzeb

Qu Xiaoyang

Mehrafrouz Mohsen

Choolun Devyoni

Group 9
Group 10

Willis Daniel

Polepeddi Venkat Subbarao

Alharbi Saud Sheleel B

Avarzamani Ameer

Smith Christopher Charles

Agbaje Akinwale Chukwuemeka (MIA)

Bavirisetty Ravi Kanth

Yu Xin

Yu Wenfei

Group 11

Aldribi Abdulaziz Saleh

Chris Novakovic

Race Alan Mark

Funmilade Faniyi

Malkana Ali Raza

Marcel Hanke

Ward Matthew David

Tat Thang Nguyen
Quang Khanh Nguyen