Compilers and Languages (Extended) Assignment

For the assignment, you are supposed to create your own markup language (of your choice, you can use any notation you like) and build a transition to XHTML 1.0/CSS using the parser generator ANTLR.

Some documents to get you started

ANTLR's website is tersely documented, however I have decided to set-up some links which may prove useful (by popular demand):

Given the video tutorials, I suggest you run once through the videocast and try a little case example. This is best way to go before you even attempt the assignment. Out of personal experience, I can tell you that going head on and trying the assignment from the very first shot is not going to work. First follow the tutorial and build a really simple test example just for yourself. If that works, add some more content, if that works too, start converting your test examples into the assignment you are supposed to do.

XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS

Although you don't know the internals, we gave you this speciffic assignment for a reason. XHTML 1.0 Strict is google's preferate language to parse whenever it is indexing webpages. Up to some level, if you build a website and it adheres to this standard, it is bound to get a good ranking. Some, if not most, web designers don't care about conforming to standards and you might have seen some very artistically nice websites (specially the nice ones built using Flash) but as long as search engines are unable to parse them, they are bound to not get indexed at all. Flash websites look good and using dynamic objects and ActionScript you are able to create some stunning interfaces; however, that comes at the cost of never being indexed by search engines.

You can get a reference for XHTML 1.0, as for CSS, it is not necessary for it to conform to a speciffic standard. Also, a personal favorite, in case you need to validate a single file in order to check if it conforms to XHTML 1.0, you can use the validate a file on the W3C website.